Woman ‘ambushed’ after pulling out of driveway; wounded in shoulder

Shooting happened during carjacking attempt, police say

Police initially roped off only the victim's car. However, after daylight, they widened the crime scene when they found shell casing all down the street. (Katrina Webber, KSAT 12 News)

SAN ANTONIO – A woman who was shot after pulling out of her driveway early Friday morning continues to recover at a hospital.

San Antonio police said the shooting happened during an attempted carjacking shortly after 6 a.m.

Antonio Cervantes, who lives in the 100 block of Elaine Road, told KSAT 12 News his niece had just left for work when he heard gunshots ring out.

“Somebody came and ambushed her, I guess, or something. I mean, they started shooting at her,” he said. “When we came out, looking to see what was going on, she yelled for us that she’s over here.”

Cervantes says he found his niece hiding in his neighbor’s yard. She had been shot in her shoulder.

The niece, who is in her 20s, was rushed to a hospital by ambulance. Officers said her wound was not life-threatening.

Police said she told them two gunmen wearing ski masks came up and tried to carjack her, then started shooting.

After she was wounded, the gunmen took off in a car.

“There’s been a lot of chaotic stuff going on out there with a lot of these young people now these days,” Cervantes said, speculating on who the gunmen might be. “They don’t care about things so they don’t care for their own lives.”

Initially, officers roped off the area around the woman’s car, which the criminals left behind.

After daylight, though, they began to find more evidence, including shell casings which stretched almost the length of a whole block.

Police then widened their crime scene.

Neighbors say it sounded like there was more than one round of gunfire.

Police confirmed that both carjackers were armed and suspect they both may have fired.

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