2 SAISD transportation department employees recognized after rescuing toddler found cold and in middle of street

Dawn Hepworth, Brenda Huckle both honored as KSAT’s Educator of the Month

SAN ANTONIO – Every month during the school year, KSAT and Firstmark Credit Union has been recognizing our area educators for going above and beyond.

This last recognition of the year is a special one. KSAT is honoring two educators for the month of December.

Both are employees with the San Antonio Independent School District’s Transportation Department and both jumped into action on one cold morning, saving a toddler’s life.

It happened on a cold morning in November of last year. SAISD bus driver Dawn Hepworth and SAISD bus monitor Brenda Huckle came across a toddler in the middle of the street.

“I ran out and grabbed her,” said Huckle. “Her little socks were soaking wet. She was just shivering.”

Hepworth, who saw the little girl and stopped the bus said she couldn’t believe a baby girl was out wandering in the cold.

Dawn Hepworth, Brenda Huckle both honored as KSAT’s Educator of the Month (KSAT)

“I parked the bus and told Brenda, ‘Look!’” said Hepworth. “She (Huckle) got up and went and grabbed her. Then I gave her my coat and told her to put the baby’s feet in the arms of my jacket to warm her feet up because they were like ice.”

Dawn Hepworth and Brenda Huckle are both being honored with the KSAT’s Educator of the Month award.

“It was a serious situation last year,” said Hepworth. “I mean it was 36 degrees. There was morning dew. Her feet were soaked and I wasn’t even supposed to turn down that street. I was supposed to go to the light and take a right, but God sent me down that street because she was out there.”

As for the toddler, SAISD officials said she was reunited with her family, who was staying at that hotel, close to where she was found.

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