Santa Claus stops in Gruene ahead of Christmas Eve

Before heading back to the North Pole, Santa Claus stopped through Gruene to hear last-minute requests from kids

GRUENE, Texas – You better not cry — but Santa Claus says it’s okay if you pout.

It’s what a couple of kids did when they met the big, jolly guy in Gruene.

Santa made a last-minute stop in town before returning to the North Pole.

“I’ve got the elves working on getting the sleigh ready and all polished up and the reindeer getting fed, and they’re all lined up and ready to go,” he said.

It’s a long journey around the globe.

“Our reindeers are going to be really tired, but it is going to be a wonderful trip,” he said.

Santa said he plans to stop by San Antonio late Sunday night, bringing lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh.

“Legos happens to be a real big one that they want,” he said.

But some of the best gifts he’s being asked for can’t be wrapped.

“We get a lot of kids, a lot of good boys and girls that just want happiness for their family,” he said. “And I tell you, that touches this Santa’s heart.”

He’s still making his list and says there’s some space for good boys and girls.

“They’ve got to listen to Mom and Dad, you know, do all the good things,” he said. “Put out some cookies for me. Oh, and maybe the reindeer.”

It’s a long list, which is why he checks it twice.

“As a matter of fact, KSAT is on there,” he said, flipping through his red book.


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