I-10 traffic was slow but moving as eclipse-watching crowds dispersed

A trip from Fredericksburg to Boerne took twice as long for a family headed back to Houston

BOERNE, Texas – TxDOT was expecting traffic congestion following the eclipse. Laura Lopez says a lot of effort went into warning the public to expect delays. And with minimal problems reported on the highways, they’re grateful that drivers heeded the warning.

“We really appreciate folks paying attention to the messaging,” Lopez said.

A trip from Fredericksburg to Boerne took twice as long for Laszlo Kurti and his family headed back to Houston.

“We chose the second option, which is, you know, skirting around San Antonio. But it’s been slow. We left two hours ago,” Kurti said while sitting at the Boerne Starbucks.

Ellen Gregg spent most of her Monday traveling across the Hill Country looking for clear skies. “We got up this morning in Garner State Park and made a decision to drive north, and we stopped a couple of places along the way, and then the clouds would move in. So we did end up up by Junction,” Gregg said.

That’s where they were able to experience about 90% of the totality and she says it was worth it.

They say the drive hasn’t been horrible, at least they’re moving, “people have been good and courteous. So that, you know, that helps,” Gregg said.

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