79% of Americans have a difficult time deciding what to order, survey finds

Location, cost & convenience key deciding factors

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Having a hard time finding where to eat? You’re not alone.

A new study by US Foods found 79% of Americans have a difficult time deciding what to order. And it takes people an average of about 12 minutes to answer the question: “What do you want for dinner?”

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The US Foods survey had a sample size of 1,003 Americans, with the goal of uncovering the secrets behind American diners’ menu choices.

Menus affect ordering preferences

If you’re the type to review the menu before you head to a restaurant, you’re part of 83% of survey respondents, half of whom (50%) decided what they want to order before arriving.

Only 1 in 10 people preferred QR code menus, and 95% of respondents think restaurants should offer in-person menus.

Location, cost & convenience are key in deciding where to eat

Of those surveyed, 82% of diners said convenience played a significant factor in dining choices, and 73% considered the restaurant’s proximity.

Cost also influenced decision-marking, with 72% of survey-takers minding their budget.

Reviews are critical

The study revealed that 3 in 4 respondents look at restaurant reviews before going out to eat, and 79% said reviews impacted their decision on where to eat.

Find more statistics on this US Food study here.

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