‘We need help’: Mother begs for Bandera County to keep searching for her daughter 2 years after disappearance

Jordan Tompkins was 25 when she was last seen in the Lake Hills area

BANDERA, Texas – Kristy Tompkins said on Sunday, she’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day without her daughter. Again.

“For two years, nothing,” Tompkins said. “Where is she?”

Jordan Tompkins was last seen in April 2022. Her family said she was last seen walking along Park Road 37 coming back from the Medina Lake area. She was 25 at the time. But that was two years ago, and her mother said she’s learned little to nothing about what happened.

“Please find her,” Tompkins said.

Tompkins and about a dozen others stood outside the Bandera County Courthouse on Sunday night, calling for the search to continue.

“We need help,” Molly McKinney, a community organizer, said.

McKinney made posters reading “Where is Jordan,” and their group held them out for drivers passing by to see.

“I hope they see her,” McKinney said. “I hope they remember her. I hope they know we have forgotten her and they decide they’re not going to either.”

KSAT called the Bandera County Sheriff’s Office on Friday afternoon. The office said to reach out to the Public Information Officer. On both Friday and Saturday, KSAT tried calling and emailing that official. As of Saturday night, there has been no reply.

“Someone knows something,” Deb Franz, a family friend and deaf interpreter, said. “The investigator says that they’ve been searching. They’ve been searching every tip, but nothing.”

This family is asking for anyone with information to come forward.

“Two years have passed, but you’re not giving up.” KSAT 12 reporter Avery Everett asked.

“No, we can’t. She’s one of ours. If we don’t look for her, who will?” McKinney said.

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