Questions, speculations remain as search for missing people continues in Bandera County

Families concerned deaths may be connected, though sheriff says otherwise

Four people were reported missing in Bandera County from April to August. So far, three bodies have been found and identified.

The Bandera County Sheriff’s Office says the cases are unrelated, but residents and families say otherwise.

“You have to tell the truth. I need to know what happened to Jordan,” said Kristy Tompkins, mother of 25-year-old Jordan Tompkins, the first to be reported missing. She has yet to be found.

According to the Bandera County Sheriff’s Office, 56-year-old Sean Duffy’s death was ruled a homicide and 33-year-old Brittany McMahon’s death was ruled a suicide.

Norma Espinosa, 63, was identified last month but her cause of death is undetermined.

Although the sheriff’s office says the cases are not connected, residents and families of the missing, like Espinosa’s daughter, believe there’s more to it.

“My mother would not be able to jump a fence and just like Brittany’s family there’s no way she killed herself This is not ... it’s not a coincidence,” Bianca Luna said.

Both families and a private investigator they’re working with say too many things add up. They said it’s a small town, everything happened in a span of four months, and the missing people ran in the same circles.

“I do believe that somehow there’s a connection here. Is the fact that they’re all involved in the drug community a key factor? I believe that it is,” private investigator Dennis Fitzgerald said.

Kristy Tompkins said her daughter was getting involved in some bad things but she was trying to get her out of that environment. She hopes the sheriff’s office doesn’t close the case without finding her daughter’s whereabouts.

“I really miss her every day when I go to sleep. Jordan, where are you?” he said.

The Bandera County Sheriff’s Office did not say if the missing people knew each other but they did reiterate that the cases are not connected.

As for the one case they are treating like a homicide, no arrest has been made.

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