Youth Orchestras of San Antonio tours Germany

YOSA’s Germany tour is the group’s first international trip since 2018

SAN ANTONIO – Some of San Antonio’s youngest and best orchestra players are gracing German audiences with their talent this week.

Evelyn Lee is part of a group of musicians with the Youth Orchestras of San Antonio (YOSA) touring Germany.

“I’ve never been to Europe, and it’ll be really fun to travel with my friends and get through the tour experience, like performing in more venues around the world and just being, like, in a different country. I’m super excited,” Lee said days before her trip.

She said the audition process was difficult, but it’s helped her grow and gain experience.

“With all the opportunities that YOSA has given me, it’s challenged me to be more proactive and also, like, interpersonal skills, like engaging with professionals,” Lee said.

Troy Peters, music director of YOSA, said it’s the first time the group has been out of the country since 2018.

The group will go to Berlin and other German cities. About 60 members from the 500-member group are on the trip.

“The goal for YOSA is for young musicians to get a bigger sense of what’s possible for them so that they gain an understanding of their own potential,” Peters said.

Most won’t ever become professional orchestra players, but the experiences they gain will be with them as adults.

“They get better at asserting themselves and moving through life with determination and strength,” he said.

YOSA offers three weeks of summer camps for anyone interested in the program. Find more information about next year’s camp here.

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