What is it? Canyon Lake resident discovers mystery animal hiding in gutter.

Two wildlife officials guessed the animal might be a squirrel

CANYON LAKE, Texas – A Canyon Lake couple made a strange discovery in their rain gutter on Wednesday and it has left wildlife officials guessing at what the mystery animal might be.

Michele Musmanno, who lives on the north side of Canyon Lake, said she and her wife used a small amount of water to try and get the animal out of their gutter but couldn’t figure out what the animal might be.

“I had a Texas Game Warden say she guessed it was a rock squirrel but I’m thinking either otter or mink,” Musmanno said.

KSAT sent the video to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and received the following response:

“One of our senior biologists looked at the video. He believes it might be a squirrel but cannot be 100% positive due to only having the one video and the soaking wet animal.”

Musmanno said she decided to start filming because she wasn’t sure what was coming out of the gutter.

“Funny enough I was sitting in my car with the door shut in the driveway. The tail came out first so I thought it might have been a snake,” she said.

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