SA Humane Society hopes to find 3 special-needs cats their new homes

SAHS: Cats diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia, or 'wobbly cat syndrome'

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Humane Society is hoping to find three special-needs cats their new homes after welcoming the cats into its care this week.

Officials with the SAHS said George, Milton and Mr. Wobbles have all been diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia, or "wobbly cat syndrome."

The three felines were transferred to the SAHS from Wayward Whiskers Cat Rescue after spending more than six months in foster homes and receiving little interest from potential adopters, according to the SAHS.

Cerebellar hypoplasia "is caused by an underdeveloped cerebellum and affects a cat's fine motor skills, balance and coordination," a news release by the SAHS said. "This means affected cats will walk with jerky or 'wobbly' steps, but the condition does not affect their lifespan."

George and Milton are 8-month-old brothers found at a Dallas apartment complex prior to their transfer to San Antonio, officials said. Mr. Wobbles is a 1-year-old tabby rescued from a high-kill shelter in San Angelo last year.

Officials said George and Milton are affectionate, playful and still growing from kittens to adults. They love to play with jingle balls and anything that makes noise. Mr. Wobbles is full-grown, a little shy and enjoys chin scratches.

"Due to a lack of understanding, many cats with CH are often euthanized despite their capability to live full and happy lives," a news release by the SAHS said. "Wobbly Cat Syndrome does not get better or worse with age, and a lot of cats learn to compensate for their lack of coordination. CH cats are not in pain and can live normally with a few accommodations."

The SAHS is recommending that adopters who are looking to give these cats a home either live in a one-story home or, if the house is two stories, a home with safety gates to prevent the cats from slipping downstairs. Officials said cats with cerebellar hypoplasia must be indoor cats only.

"Wayward Whiskers Cat Rescue has generously sponsored the adoption fees of all three felines in order to help them find their forever homes," a news release by the SAHS said.

Interested adopters may visit George and Milton today at the SAHS, officials said. Mr. Wobbles will be available for adoption at a later date, pending a dental cleaning.