San Antonio dog picked up as a stray reunited with owner after 7 years

‘Behold the power of the microchip,’ ACS spokesperson said

Honey the dog reunited with his owner after 7 years. (San Antonio Animal Care Services)

SAN ANTONIO – An adopted dog named Honey has been reunited with his owner 7 years after he disappeared.

San Antonio’s Animal Care Services posted the happy story on Facebook Monday morning, saying that after Honey was taken to the shelter as a stray last week, employees found a microchip registered to someone who had adopted him years earlier.

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ACS staff contacted the owner who arrived at the shelter as Honey was getting his shots.

“The woman burst into tears as soon as she saw him, fell to her knees, and held him in her arms,” officials said in the Facebook post.

Lisa Norwood, a spokesperson for ACS, told KSAT that Honey’s owner cried out for him to see if he remembered her. “He did and she started hugging and kissing her dog who returned her affection with a wildly wagging tail. An ACS staffer asked her long has Honey been missing - she said 7 years!”

The happy reunion, as Norwood pointed out, was made possible because of San Antonio’s microchip law that states that all dogs, cats and ferrets residing within city limits must have a registered microchip.

“Behold the power of the microchip,” Norwood said. “It’s stories like Honey that remind us what a difference our community’s microchip law can make to pets and their people.”

ACS provides free microchipping services and lifetime registration for San Antonio residents for up to two pets per visit. For anyone outside city limits, the services are $5 per microchip.

To make an appointment, residents can visit


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