Olympic Gold Medalist Shares Positivity, Kindness with San Antonio, Texas

Laurie Hernandez Shows David Elder A Few Moves

SAN ANTONIO – 2016 Olympic gold medalist Laurie Hernandez made a quick stop in the Alamo City to speak at an event to help raise money for the Salvation Army.

"As a little kid, my mother always reinforced helping others so this is definitely important to me," said Hernandez.

The season 23 Dancing With The Stars winner spoke about her upcoming children's book and the support she has received from her family.

"When I said I wanted o go to the Olympics, instead of saying 'You're crazy! What are you talking about?' they were like ok how can we help you get there," Hernandez said.

To get more information on her upcoming children's book, just head to her author page on Amazon.com. 

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