Get Your Kids Coding & Building Apps with Code Ninjas

New Business Brings STEM Learning, Summer Camps to San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – Get your children building mobile apps and coding with this new program now available in San Antonio.

Code Ninjas is a business designed to teach young children ages 7-14, the fundamental knowledge of computer coding in multiple computer languages like Scratch and JavaScript with a fun, game-based curriculum.

Kids progress in the program through a belt system similar to a karate course. Starting at a white belt, children learn Scratch, a program designed to teach kids the basics of coding.

As they level-up, children learn more advanced coding eventually to the point where they can design apps, code drones and robots, and build websites.

Mention 'SA Live' and get more than $150 off a three-month plan and $25 off summer camp for 2018.

Code Ninjas is located at 20322 Huebner Road Ste 105, San Antonio, TX 78258.

To get more information on the program, just head to their WEBSITE.

About the Author:

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