Real San Antonian: April Monterrosa with Live from the Southside Magazine

The inspiring story behind the magazine + meet “The Crafty Cortez Sisters”

SAN ANTONIO – From people making a difference to places to visit, Live from the Southside Magazine is all about highlighting a community that doesn’t normally get that recognition.

“Owning my own publication was a childhood dream,” editor-in-chief of Live from the Southside Magazine April Monterrosa said.

Monterrosa was forced to figure out a different way to share stories as the pandemic took over the country, so in August 2020 she launched her publication--sharing her passion for her community.

“I think that’s why my magazine has been so successful so quickly, because when you’re from the south side it’s like you’re part of this community,” Monterrosa said. “Everybody (on the south side) is family oriented. They just are proud of their community, despite what others say that are outside of it.”

The magazine covers so much ground, they are now partners with KSAT and, allowing a shared platform to deliver more coverage from the heart of south side.

“Sometimes I’m like maybe I shouldn’t do this monthly and then you get all these stories contributed because people want to share their stories or you get all these comments, like I said, fan mail, so it’s very motivating for me,” she said.

A graduate of South San Antonio High School, Monterrosa is invested in her community, that includes helping to launch small free libraries around the area and promoting literacy at south side schools with help from The Scooby Van San Antonio.

Her investment also shows in her blended family--now inspiring her step-daughters, Bella and Ruby Cortez, to start their own business, The Crafty Cortez Sisters.

Bella Cortez, April Monterrosa and Ruby Cortez share the same passion for writing and entrepreneurship. (Copyright 2020 by KSAT - All rights reserved.)

“When COVID hit I started to stay with them and they became very interested in all the things I was doing,” Monterrosa said. “But being together a month we really got to know each other and we really bonded--that pretty much inspired them to open up their own business and to become writers. One of them just launched a book recently.”

The magazine does have four children writers, contributing articles, including Bella Cortez.

“It makes me feel good,” Bella Cortez said.

You can find Bella and Ruby’s crafts at pop-up markets, just follow Live from the Southside Magazine on Instagram for updates.

About the Author:

Jennifer Tobias loves her hometown of San Antonio, and is proud to celebrate it every day working on SA Live. The Emmy-Award winning producer hosts the Mom-Day series, featuring fun, family-themed segments from crafting to fashion hacks every Monday.