Pamper your pet with these purr-fect presents

Let the pet in your life know that your love for them is “fur” real with spoil-worthy gifts

SAN ANTONIO – It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to pamper your pet. Check out these purr-fect presents to make their day.

Kitty Poo Club delivers a chic, biodegradable litter box to your door every month pre-filled with odor-free mineral-based litter. Choose from litters: silica, fine-grain silica, organic soy, or clay. Just recycle your old box when the new one arrives and easily manage the litter type to your cat’s liking. It is leak-proof, eco-friendly and built to last.

Zoo Snoods will keep your furry friend warm on those chilly and wet days and their ears protected from mud and moisture. Most importantly, Zoo Snoods will make your pet look more adorable than ever.

JIBY Dog Crew is an authentic, streetwear brand for dogs that makes creative dog products to break away from the conventional bland colors, tacky designs and knock off prints.

Our Green House Pet Gift Baskets perfect the art of gifting with modern and chic options for an eco-friendly, socially responsible world.

The Jaxon Dog Bed from Sleepenvie offers man’s best friend security, comfort and a place all their own to rest their sweet fuzzy heads. Ranging in size, these ultra-soft mattresses are made from responsive foam with a washable cover that can be easily removed and tossed in the washer and dryer. Made from only the highest quality materials, this floor cloud is covered with an ultra-tough, but still soft to the touch, fabric that will keep out dirt and hair.

Puppy Rubble from Country Bathhouse makes fur soft and clean! Made with all-natural ingredients and pure essential oils, the All Essential Doggie line is safe, wholesome and effective for your four-legged friends. Lavender Chamomile has a floral scent and calming effect.

Farm Hounds works with local farmers in Atlanta to source the best quality meats that are both nutritious and delicious for your dog. These single species treats are a ground mix of muscle meat, organs, blood, fat and bone. They dehydrate the meat in their facility to make sure that the bagged treats and jerky contain all raw ingredients. No drying, no salts, no sugars, no chemicals added, no fillers and no grains. Choose a subscription box or single bags to give your dog the high-value, nutritious treats they’ll love and are good for them too.

Lord Jameson is an award-winning dog wellness company bringing plant-based and superfood treats to your canine companion. These soft treats are made in Boulder, Colorado, using the highest quality organic ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, gluten-free grains, herbs, botanicals, and plant-based proteins. They’re great for picky eaters, are allergy-friendly, and can be used as a training treat or pill popper.

Have a pup that doesn’t like loud noises? Gift your fur baby with PAWNIX noise-canceling headphones to keep them calm and happy. PAWNIX is the first and only noise-canceling headphones made specifically for dogs. It’s designed to eliminate the frequency that they’re afraid of, especially during fireworks, thunderstorms, or vacuum noise, and the anxiety of going to the vet.

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