7-Eleven App Allows San Antonio Customers to Order Drinks, Snacks for Delivery

click to enlarge Courtesy 7-Eleven7-Eleven stores launched the 7NOW delivery app in San Antonio this week, allowing local customers to order beverages and snacks for delivery, even without a home address.Unlike existing app delivery services like Favor or Postmates, the 7NOW app uses pins to designate virtual hotspots for delivery.7NOW Pins makes convenience more convenient, by keeping customers in the moment, whether at a game, in the park or enjoying the sun on the beach. Our customers asked for it and we are delivering! stated Gurmeet Singh, 7Eleven chief digital, information and marketing officer.Once a customer submits the 7NOW order, runners pick it up from the nearest participating 7-Eleven and deliver to the designated hotspot in approximately 30 minutes. The app offers 24/7 service, with no minimum order price, and the first three deliveries (within a 30 day period) are free.7NOW offers an assortment of "fresh foods" like pizza, taquitos, sandwiches and several green salads, as well as beer and snacks, but the variety is limited compared to other delivery order services.7-Eleven has introduced a number of " Yum 'n Fit " options such as juice from Naked Juice, Pirate's Booty White Cheddar Puffs and a seasonal fruit blend, with sliced fruits served in sweet juice, for $4.69, but no information about the size of the containers or amount of food included.The convenience store chain launched the 7NOW app in Dallas in late 2017, and has since expanded to 27 metro-city areas including San Antonio.