City planners ditch cars as they prepare to figure out transportation issues

San Antonio expected to add 1 million people by 2040

SAN ANTONIO – The city of San Antonio is trying to figure out how to get residents to ditch their cars and use public transportation.

The Alamo City is expected to add another 1 million people by 2040. With that growth, city planners know congestion and pollution will become an issue.

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The city's transportation committee is looking at ways to turn San Antonio into a "smart city."

To better understand the problem, city staff are learning how to get around without a vehicle.

“(We have to go) back out in the community and walking in the shoes of our residents and having empathy for what they go through every day, not just giving up our cars, but understanding them and bringing it back to this committee so they can understand,” Craig Hopkins, chief information officer for the city, said.

The committee will discuss ideas next month and still needs to figure out improvements to public transportation, bike sharing and van pools.

Funding for the plans will be determined later.

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