GOP propositions election results for Texas Primary on March 5, 2024

Republican Party of Texas says 13 propositions are non-binding opinion polls, not policy referendums

2024 Texas Primary Elections (KSAT)

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Voters in the Republican Party across Texas headed to the polls on Tuesday to weigh in on 13 propositions on the GOP ballot.

The propositions on primary ballots are basically surveys that will help the parties decide their priorities.

The Republican Party of Texas said its 13 Primary ballot propositions are opinion polls, not policy referendums.

“You are not voting to make a law but merely saying YES you agree or NO you do not agree with the statement,” the party posted on its website.

Here are the propositions on the Republican Primary Election ballot:

Republican Proposition 1

Texas should eliminate all property taxes without increasing Texans’ overall tax burden.

Republican Proposition 2

Texas should create a Border Protection Unit, and deploy additional state law enforcement and military forces, to seal the border, to use physical force to prevent illegal entry and trafficking, and to deport illegal aliens to Mexico or to their nations of origin.

Republican Proposition 3

The Texas Legislature should require the use of E-Verify by all employers in Texas to protect jobs for legal workers by preventing the hiring of illegal aliens.

Republican Proposition 4

The Texas Legislature should end all subsidies and public services, including in-state college tuition and enrollment in public schools, for illegal aliens.

Republican Proposition 5

Texas urges the United States Congress not to grant any form of amnesty or a pathway to legalization for illegal aliens.

Republican Proposition 6

The Texas Legislature should prohibit the deployment of the Texas National Guard to a foreign conflict unless Congress first formally declares war.

Republican Proposition 7

The Texas Legislature should establish authority within the Texas State Comptroller’s office to administer access to gold and silver through the Texas Bullion Depository for use as legal tender.

Republican Proposition 8

The State of Texas should ensure that Texans are free to give or to withhold consent for any vaccine without coercion.

Republican Proposition 9

The Republican Party of Texas should restrict voting in the Republican primary to only registered Republicans.

Republican Proposition 10

The Texas Constitution should be amended to restore authority to the Texas Attorney General to prosecute election crimes.

Republican Proposition 11

Texas parents and guardians should have the right to select schools, whether public or private, for their children, and the funding should follow the student.

Republican Proposition 12

The Texas Constitution should be amended to require proof of citizenship before any individual can be registered to vote.

Republican Proposition 13

Texas should ban the sale of Texas land to citizens, governments, and entities from China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia.

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