Do you know the highest point in Bexar County?

At 1,892 feet, Mount Smith lies in NW Bexar County

Area of Mount Smith in NW Bexar County. (Google Maps)

I’m a trivia guy. Knowing random facts — like the highest point in Bexar County — is fun to me.

But, if you were curious yourself, here’s the answer.

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That distinction belongs to Mount Smith, located in far northwestern Bexar County. The peak sits at about 1,892 feet above sea level.

Good luck getting to it, though.

Not surprisingly, it sits amongst rugged Hill Country terrain. The land, so far as we can tell, is owned by the state of Texas.

It’s part of a larger property called Rancho Sierra, which spans over 2,000 acres.

Mount Smith is the highest point in the county (Copyright 2022 by KSAT - All rights reserved.)

The land, according to a 2018 story by the San Antonio Report, remains undeveloped due, in part, to golden-cheeked warblers, an endangered species that have forced plenty of litigation to occur over the years.

A quick check of Google maps and you’ll find this area ranks among the most undeveloped in the county.

Elevations in Bexar County range from just below 400 feet on the county’s southeast side to Mt. Smith on the opposite side of the county.

That’s around a 1,500-foot difference between the high and low point.

You’ll find these kinds of disparities throughout the Hill Country.

Highest point in Texas

As you probably already know, the highest point in Texas is Guadalupe Peak in Culberson County near the New Mexico border, which tops out near 8,751 feet!

View of Guadalupe Peak across upper Pine Spring Canyon from the Bush Mountain Trail. (National Park Service)
View from Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas. (Kolten Parker)

There are also several high peaks across the Davis Mountains in far West Texas.

Tallest building in Texas, San Antonio

Here’s another one for you -- do you know which building ranks as the tallest in Texas?

That prize goes to the JP Morgan Chase Tower in Houston. It reaches up to 1,002 feet!

The tallest structure in San Antonio, the Tower of the Americas, climbs to 750 feet high, falling just short of that record.

Downtown San Antonio skyline photo shows the Tower of the Americas from the Thompson San Antonio River Walk hotel in July 2021. (KSAT)

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