LIVE CAM: Sunset over San Antonio

Winter tends to be particularly beautiful around dawn and dusk

SAN ANTONIO – The last few sunsets in South Central Texas and San Antonio have been gorgeous!

See the video player above for a live view of the sunset from City Cam North, a KSAT camera stationed on Interstate 10 near Loop 410 on the North Side.

Keep reading for more information from KSAT meteorologists about why sunsets look so beautiful this time of year, as well as some great photos submitted by KSAT Connect users.


It’s all about the kindergarten staple of how light breaks down into different colors — ROYGBIV!

At sunset, when the sun is low on the horizon, the light scatters through more of the atmosphere than during the day. The longer wavelengths of red and orange light remain visible. Blue light, which has a shorter wavelength, is not visible because all of the particles are broken up.

Sunday Sunset near Canyon Lake

San Antonio
Kathy Kern

Sunset 12-4-23 in Seguin.

San Antonio


Yes! In the winter, the sun angle is lower which means that sunrises and sunsets last a little longer. There’s also typically less water vapor, or humidity, in the air during the winter. This allows for more vibrant colors and less hazy skies.

SkyWatcher (Oscar)

Yet another golden hour sky.

San Antonio


A scattering of mid-level and high-level clouds creates colorful sunrises and sunsets. This is because the higher clouds intercept the longer wavelength red and orange light as the sun is setting.

Denise Gavino

Vibrant Sunset in The Woodlands tonight


Old Town Helotes night of Tree Lighting 2023

San Antonio

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