'The Bachelor' Blog: Love fills the air in Las Vegas

Individuals put on show stopping performances during week four

Week four of “The Bachelor” started with two words, Las Vegas.

As you can imagine the ladies were thrilled.

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You could feel the excitement when JoJo learned she would have the first one-on-one date of the week. The other ladies put on a brave face, but it was clear they were a lot less excited.

JoJo’s date started with a helicopter ride and lots of swooning. She was able to let her guard down and opened up about her past relationship. Ben was quick to comfort her and offer her a rose. Their night ended with a romantic, balcony view of a fireworks show.

Talents were put to the test on the group date, and the ladies had no idea what they were about to do. Their jaws dropped when they learned they would be the opening act for a Vegas show. That meant performing in front of 1200 people! One by one they strutted their stuff on stage in hopes of impressing Ben. (My personal favorites were the twins clogging routine and Jubilee’s cello performance.)

But Olivia was the real showstopper and not for a good reason. She started off jumping out of a cake wearing a sparkly bikini and not much more. Let’s just say it was a train wreck.

But the drama didn’t end there. Shortly after her performance, Olivia had a breakdown. (She said she had a panic attack, but that’s to be debatable.)

This was definitely a much different side to super confident Olivia. Her nerves seriously got the best of her. At the end of the night, Lauren B. made the biggest impression and got the rose.

Becca got a surprise, mystery box before her one-on-one date. I could feel a twinge of jealousy from the others when she opened it to find a wedding dress.

She was anxiously excited as she walked into a little wedding chapel. But she wasn’t going into her own wedding. Becca and Ben spent the day marrying couples. Later in the evening, they shared a heart to heart conversation and some serious questions. She got the rose.

Next up, a “Bachelor” bombshell. Chris Harrison revealed Ben wanted a two-on-one date with the twins. They spent the day with their mom, then it was time for Ben to make a decision.

In the end, he said bye to Haley.

Olivia ruffled more feathers during the cocktail party. (I know that’s a shocker.) Jennifer was excited to get the first alone time with Ben. Enter Olivia, and the crazy. No surprise, this rubbed the other ladies the wrong way.

Once again, Olivia received the last rose of the night. (And overconfident Olivia is back.)

Spoiler alert!

Rachel and Amber were sent home. Here are my thoughts after this episode:

  • Ben definitely seems to really like JoJo. She is definitely one to watch.
  • I wasn’t surprised to see Amber and Rachel go home. They both seemed almost non-existent.
  • What’s up with Olivia? I have a feeling the crazy has only just begun.

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