When do countries around the world celebrate Father’s Day?

Father’s Day celebrated as early as February, as late as December

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Just like in 84 countries around the world, Father’s Day is celebrated in the United States the third Sunday of every June.

But what about the rest of the world?

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Here is when some other countries celebrate Father’s Day.


While Mother’s Day is celebrated in November in Russia, Father’s Day is much earlier during the calendar year, held every Feb. 23.

Italy, Spain and Switzerland

These three countries are among 12 that celebrate Father’s Day every March 19.


While many countries have Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May, Romania reserves that day to have its Father’s Day.


This country coincides Father’s Day every year with Ascension Day, which is the 40th day of Easter. This year, it’s on May 30.

Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon

Along with Kosovo, Syria and the United Arab Emirates, these countries celebrate Father’s Day every June 21.


While Mother’s Day is celebrated on the same day as the United States (the second Sunday in May), Father’s Day is held Aug. 8.

Australia and New Zealand

In addition to Fiji and Papua New Guinea, these South Pacific nations celebrate Father’s Day on the first Sunday of September.

Scandinavian countries

Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Estonia all celebrate Father’s Day on the second day of November.


This country is the last to celebrate Father’s Day during the calendar year, celebrating it Dec. 5.

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