SA chef challenges Austin to breakfast taco throwdown

Article claiming Austin to be home of 'breakfast tacos' sparks challenge

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio Chef Johnny Hernandez has had enough.

He issued a challenge Friday to the city of Austin after an article was published that claims the capital is the home of the breakfast taco.

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The article titled "How Austin Became the Home of the Crucial Breakfast Taco," was written by Matthew Sedacca and published by Eater, Austin.

It claims that, according to Texas food writer Robert Walsh, Austin is the "birthplace of the phrase breakfast taco, and thus the original catalyst for its widespread, and originally unexpected popularity."

"Little did Sedacca know that this would ignite the feud of all feuds overnight," Hernandez said in a press release.

Click here to read the full release.

Hernandez said that San Antonio is "breakfast taco strong" and that the "time has come to settle this feud once and for all."

Hernandez is calling for numerous chefs from both cities to create their best tacos and let the people be the judge. He said the proceeds will be donated to charity.

With the challenge issued, the world, and mainly South Texas, awaits a response from the capital.