SAPA! staff members treating puppies abandoned in dumpster on West Side

Staff members have filed police report

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio Pets Alive! staff are helping to treat two puppies found Friday afternoon in a trash dumpster behind a grocery store on the West Side.

Kylie Brascher, clinic director, said a man showed up to their office with two puppies, claiming they were strays and he wanted to leave them there.

The staff explained that they don’t take strays from the street and directed him to Animal Care Services so the dogs could be reclaimed.  

“Normally, you can tell if someone is willing to go the extra mile and take them to the shelter,” she said. “We had no idea he was going to discard these puppies. He walked up carrying them like they were his own.”

The dogs were found about 100 yards away four hours later. They were covered in fleas, had ringworms, tested positive for worms and one had parvovirus.

The dogs, named Bowie and Crockett, will be cared for by staff members. It will be about two weeks before they can determine what will happen to them.

The dogs are showing a strong brotherly bond.

Staff members have filed a police report. Authorities are looking at surveillance footage from cameras set up around the property to ensure that the person responsible faces charges.

“Those puppies' lives were in danger, and as happy as we are to help them, they’ve taken a kennel from a dog that’s on the euthanasia list at the city shelter,” she said.

The agency said staff members are busy treating a high number of cases of animals with parvo. While the virus can be treated, it is very costly. The recent rains have spread the virus.

To help the dogs or the organization, you can reach SAPA! by clicking here

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