SA Spirits: Flavor-packed craft beer comes to life at Weathered Souls brewing

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SAN ANTONIO – Don’t be frightened by the name, there is life brimming at Weathered Souls Brewing Company on the near North Side.

The brewing company just celebrated its two-year anniversary last November, but its rich flavors and craft beer combinations have already made a statement in the San Antonio area.

Co-founders Mike Holt and Marcus Baskerville met four years ago. Holt said he immediately saw something in Baskerville that set him apart from others in the craft beer business.

“He reminds me of an artist where there’s new creativity of ideas that I don’t think would have ever occurred to me,” Holt said.

Baskerville is the head brewer. He started brewing more than seven years ago and comes from a cooking background.

“Brewing is a science, kind of diving into that whole chemistry thing. Being able to take different grains and putting them together and creating an entire product,” Baskerville said.

Each concoction is packed with different flavors. A new beer is offered to customers every Thursday.

“We use a lot of fresh fruit,” Baskerville said. “We use a lot of fresh ingredients for some of our specialty beers, so it’s always fun to kind to see what you can get out of mixing some different things together.” 

“As time goes by, his beers just continue to improve,” Holt said. “He’s never satisfied. I love being associated with that kind of talent.”

While Holt credits Baskerville for being the scientist, he’s quick to point out that Weathered Souls’ success has been a team effort, from the bar and sales manager to the entire staff.

The facility in the 600 block of Embassy Oaks has a tap room, kitchen and an outdoor area. 

“I think it’s just a great place for people to hang out and talk, which is really what we intended in the beginning,” Holt said.

Holt said one of the best parts of being in the craft beer business is getting so see the entire industry grow and San Antonio become a player.

“San Antonio likes to take its time and do it right, the craft beer scene is growing,” Holt said. “There’s not just beer, but there’s distilleries, cheese, chocolate, whatever it is where you see the product being made locally.”

Besides the unique beer flavors, another thing that makes Weathered Souls stand out is the name. Holt said it’s a nod to his father and grandfather. 

“I made a comment, hope I lived a weathered life as well as they did, and I always liked the word souls so finally it clicked,” Holt said.

It’s clicked enough to make Weathered Souls a well-known name, and a destination for flavorful craft beer.

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