Howl you doin’, pets? Keep your dogs, cats safe on Halloween with these tips

Resist giving candy to canines and felines this Howl-o-ween

Dogs on Halloween (Image by nancy sticke from Pixabay)

SAN ANTONIO – Everyone loves a Halloween treat, but Animal Care Services is warning families to keep those sweets away from pets.

And while some kids may want to bring Fido along for the festivities, some pooches should be left at home, ACS says.

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With Halloween coming up on Sunday, the shelter has put together a list of tips to help keep your pets safe.

They offered the following tips to keep pets safe:

  • Chocolate of any type, even a nibble, can be toxic and potentially fatal to dogs and cats. Keep holiday goodies like candies and cookies away from your pets.
  • Talk to your kids about the danger of giving your pet Halloween treats.
  • Cellophane and foil wrappers, lollipop and caramel apple sticks should be thrown away immediately. They pose a choking hazard to pets if swallowed.
  • Trick-or-treating may be fun for the family but the constant ringing of the doorbell can scare your pet. Provide a quiet, safe place for your pet to relax.
  • Although it may be tempting to bring the dog along while trick-or-treating, holiday masks and costumes could be threatening to your family pet. Fear may lead to protective or aggressive behavior like biting and growling.
  • Keep your pet safe inside for the evening if you're worried trick or treaters may scare or bother your outdoor pet.
  • Halloween decorations, like jack-o-lantern candles and electric strings of lights can spark curiosity in pets. Keep them out of reach.
  • Not all pets will tolerate wearing a costume or embellished collar. Get your pet in on the Halloween fun by providing a holiday-themed treat for them to enjoy.
  • If you witness suspected animal cruelty, call 211 or the SAPD non-emergency line at 210-207-SAPD to report possible violations.

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