Man shot, killed by cousin wanted to make peace, family says

Kristopher Carraman leaves behind two young sons

San Antonio – A close-knit San Antonio family is devastated after their loved one was allegedly shot and killed by his first cousin during a family gathering.

Kristopher Carraman was known as a family man, a peacemaker, and a good soul. (Courtesy Angelica Perez) (KSAT)

San Antonio police said Kristopher Carraman, 23, was shot in the head by a suspect driving by in a car, later identified by the family as Edison Carraman, 22. The shooting stemmed from an argument the two men had earlier.

“He was just a great person,” said Michele Carraman, Kristopher Carraman’s mother. “He was a great dad and a great son. Loving, caring, humble; always having a smile on his face.”

“He was everything,” said Angelica Perez, his fiancé. “He completed us. He completed our family. All four of us. Our family is incomplete now. We had our whole life together but I only got four years. He was robbed.”

The family said they are heartbroken knowing he will never see his two young sons grow up.

Kristopher Carraman was known as a family man, a peacemaker, and a good soul. (Courtesy Angelica Perez) (KSAT)

“He wanted more kids,” Perez said. “He was an express technician and wanted to go further with that because he finally found his passion. He loved his job and was known as ‘chief’ at work because he was the top person who worked on cars. He’s not going to be able to do any of that.”

Kristopher Carraman was known as a family man, a peacemaker, and a good soul. (Courtesy Angelica Perez) (KSAT)

The family said the night of the shooting, they were all gathered at their home on West Pyron Avenue like they traditionally did. Giovanni Alvarez, Kristopher Carraman’s aunt, saw the entire shooting happen.

“We were all together,” Alvarez said. “We were having a good time and he had to go drop his son off. He comes back a little upset. He gets a call and we hear, ‘Come to the front. I am on my way.’ We came to the front and as we were standing right there, we looked down the street and saw a car driving slow with no lights on.”

She said that is when they saw and heard the gunshots.

“I saw the shots spark from the car,” Alvarez said. “On the third gunshot, he fell to the floor. I look back to see where everybody else was at and I hear three more go off and I look back at him and he is bleeding out.”

The family said being the peacemaker he always was, Kristopher Carraman wanted to squash the disagreement with Edison Carraman.

Kristopher Carraman was known as a family man, a peacemaker, and a good soul. (Courtesy Angelica Perez) (KSAT)

“I know my nephew,” said Alex Carraman, his aunt. “He didn’t even know how to fight. He was always bringing us together and wanting to talk out differences when they happened. He had forgiven Edison so many times for so many things already,” She said as she got emotional. “I know that is probably why he didn’t get down when he heard those bullets because he never found it in his heart that his own cousin would do that to him and as he stood there and stared him in the eyes as he did it, I know in my heart he was already forgiving him.”

The family said they don’t know why the two men had a disagreement, but Juanita Carraman, their grandmother, said it should have never ended the way it did.

“I just don’t understand how this happened,” Juanita Carraman said through tears. “Why? We are family! It was something very easy for him to just talk it over like they normally would.”

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She said the two men grew up together and were very close.

“They practically ate off the same plate,” Juanita Carraman said. “All the clothes Kristopher grew out of, we were able to give to Edison. They were like brothers.”

Juanita said that is the reason why she was caught off guard.

“Alex had called me saying, ‘Mom, get up.’ I got up and told my kids to get to the back, thinking Kristopher and Edison were just going to talk it out in private. I opened the front door and I see Edison’s black car and I never figured this was going to happen. He comes by and then my daughter tells me to get down. I saw the gun sparking out of the roof of the car. I didn’t even duck because I didn’t realize what was actually happening. Not my family. Not my family.”

“I just think he was cheated out of his life way too young,” said Michele Carraman. “It is not fair and should not have happened. As he was in the hospital dying, I got down on my knees and I prayed and I forgave him for what he has done to my son,” she said through tears. “I prayed blessings over him and his family because they don’t know God. As far as I know, he is living in hell because he will have to live with this for the rest of his life! With everybody Kristopher met, they all said the same. He left an impact on people and Edison took that away from him. He took that away from my baby.”

Alex Carraman said their faith is keeping them strong.

“He was all about tradition and family,” Alex Carraman said. “The way we are standing together is what he wanted. This was his favorite weather too, so we know he is still with us and he is here protecting our house. We are strong believers in God and have always put him first. We know everything has a purpose.”

She said their goal is to share Kristopher Carraman’s story so that it may save someone else’s life.

“We are forgiving people and are moving forward knowing Kris is rejoicing with the Lord,” Alex Carraman said. “Not everything has to be ugly like that. Not everything has to be a fistfight or a gunfight you know. We are all united as one through God. We are all brothers and sisters. You never think it is family. You think you have to watch out for strangers. Well, this happened and at the end of the day, it didn’t have to end like that.”

She said she knows her nephew is in a better place.

“He fought for his life in that hospital,” Alex Carraman said. “We were selfish to keep wanting him to be here but we know he is in a better place. We want the right justice. We want justice for the life Edison took that was so innocent and giving."

Kristopher Carraman leaves behind a 4-year-old and a nearly 1-year-old son. He also leaves behind his large family who he grew up with and was raised by several aunts his entire life.

Kristopher Carraman was known as a family man, a peacemaker, and a good soul. (Courtesy Angelica Perez) (KSAT)

“He is my very best friend,” said Audrey Carraman, Kristopher Carraman’s aunt. “My brother. My person. We didn’t everything together. I am going to miss him so much. Every day I wake up and keep thinking it is a bad dream but then I am hit with reality. I love him so much and I want him to know that this isn’t the end. We are going to see each other one day and I can’t wait.”

“If Edison is watching this, I want him to know he didn’t break us,” Alex Carraman said. “We are here stronger than before. Kris is with us. He didn’t take him from us. We will be able to reunite with him in Heaven one day. What he tried to take was his body, which is flesh. His spirit is with us forever. Kris gave us more faith and is here with us, leading us through it all.”

Records show Edison Carraman was taken to the Bexar County Jail. He is facing a murder charge and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Edison Carraman, Kristopher Carraman's second cousin (KSAT)

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