Why was there a dark jet trailing the Thunderbirds in San Antonio? Air Force flight team explains

Jet used for safety and photo purposes

The Thunderbirds helped explain the dark jet that trailed behind the flight team during the flyover in San Antonio. (KSAT, KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – Following the Air Force Thunderbirds flyover in San Antonio on Wednesday, many KSAT viewers asked about the dark jet trailing the flight team.

As the six red, white and blue jets zoomed through the skies of San Antonio, a gray jet often trailed behind.

Great pics, videos of Thunderbirds flyover sent in by KSAT viewers

According to Staff Sgt. Cory Bush, the jet is used for photo and safety purposes.

“Thunderbird 7 was flying it keeping an eye on the radar for air traffic and I was in the backseat taking photos of the formations over the cities,” Bush said in an email to KSAT.

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The Thunderbirds, along with the Navy’s Blue Angels, have been flying over cities across the country to thank COVID-19 frontline workers who have been responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

The tour, announced in March by President Donald Trump, is called “Operation: America Strong.”

On Friday, the Thunderbirds are flying over Los Angeles and San Diego as part of the tour.

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