Have you seen this chicken? Reba took an accidental field trip to San Antonio Costco

Fair Oaks Ranch chicken stowed away in Instacart drivers trunk and hopped out at Costco

SAN ANTONIOUpdate: Reba made it all the way to Del Rio! Some well-mean Good Samaritans saved Reba from the parking lot and took her home.

Justin Matthews, Reba’s owner, got an email that said “my sister and I don’t make it a habit of picking up chickens in parking lots but that’s exactly what happened yesterday!”

“We found Reba! She made it all the way to the border... Del Rio, TX but she’s coming home to us this weekend,” Matthews told KSAT.

Original story: Reba, a pet chicken from Fair Oaks Ranch, “is still out there living her best life” after she was stowed away around 10 a.m. Wednesday in the trunk of an Instacart delivery driver.

At first, Reba’s owner Justin Matthews and his family feared the worst, thinking she might have been taken by a fox or a hawk but, alas, it was her curiosity that got her.

Matthews said he checked his home’s security cameras about 4 hours after the driver left because they noticed she was missing and that’s when they discovered that Reba went on an accidental field trip.

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The family contacted Instacart and was able to get in touch with the driver who said Reba jumped out of his trunk when he got to Costco. The driver reportedly told the family he thought it was a prank so he let Reba wander off.

“We would love to have her back,” said Matthews. “She went 20 miles to the Costco on UTSA Blvd at I-10. That’s where she hopped out.”

Matthews said he drove to Costco, started asking employees about a rogue chicken and some parking lot attendants told him ,“yes. Oh my God, we did see your fat chicken running around the lot for a while, but some ladies scooped her up [at] about 11 [a.m.] and took her.”

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Witnesses told Matthews Reba was wandering around the parking lot for about an hour before the women, who were reportedly driving a white Tahoe, took her.

Reba has been a family pet for a year and a half along with Wynonna and Patty who are also chickens.

“She is super sweet and always curious. She would always jump into our lap to say hi and would follow us around the yard like a pet,” Matthews said.

If you have any information about Reba or know where she might be, please contact Justin Matthews at FindRebaSA@gmail.com.

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Posted by Susan Almaraz on Thursday, July 2, 2020

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