How to get the most out of distance learning

Online educator provides tips for students and parents struggling with distance learning

SAN ANTONIO – Some students will be heading back to school this week but others will still be at home taking part in distance learning.

Despite it being a new concept for public schools this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, many students have been successfully learning online for years.

A 2017 report by the Digital Learning Compass Organization found that more than six million high school education students were taking at least one online course.

“Online schooling can work,” Julie Taylor head of the Bridge School said.

The Bridge School is one of the largest accredited online K-12 schools in the nation. For years the school has made breakthroughs in catering to students online.

Taylor now wants to pass on some of what they have learned to parents whose kids may be struggling right now.

The first tip is to set a schedule for both student and parent.

“It can either be the night before or in the morning before classes start to really go over the day to be successful,” Taylor said.

Another great tip is to schedule check-in points throughout the day.

“Really focus on checking on their schooling, schedule, health, and mental health,” Taylor said.

And one thing that everyone can benefit from is having an open line of communication with teachers and administrators.

Even though kids may be heading back to in-person school at some point this fall, distance learning may come up again and schools may use it as a tool in the future.

“I think it actually opens up a lot of opportunities,” Taylor said. “It really allows students to practice their self-management skills, learn how to set a schedule and be responsible.”

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