Disneyland is not moving to Texas from California despite rumor

Satirical website claimed Disneyland is moving to Texas

Walt Disney World Resort as it marks its 45th anniversary. (Jacqueline Nell/Disneyland Resort, 2016 Getty file photo/Disney Enterprises, Inc.)

Texas – The rumors about Disneyland leaving California for Texas are not true despite a rumor that has gained traction online.

A satirical website called UncleWalts.com reported on Aug. 31 that the theme park would be relocating to Texas and noted that the new location would be revealed soon.

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The terms of use on the website clearly state that the website is satirical and has no basis in fact.

UncleWalts.com also reported that SeaWorld San Diego would be relocating to San Antonio on Sunday - another fictitious rumor.

While there are no plans for a Disney location in Texas there is still plenty to do around the Lone Star State, like the State Fair of Texas' first-ever drive-thru food event.

Or the Texas Zombie Safari which lets you shoot zombies with paintballs from giant response vehicles.

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