Console Wars 2020: PS5 vs Xbox Series X

Which One is Worth Your Money?

The video game console wars are heating up.

For decades video game consoles have been boasting better games, high-quality graphics, and next generation technology.

This time around it’s Microsoft’s Xbox series X versus Sony’s Playstation 5. It’s been recently announced both consoles will begin at a starting price of $499.

So what do you get for your money?

When it comes to internal specs, the Xbox series X is just a little more powerful than the PS5, but that difference is minimal when it comes to game play.

When it comes to storage, Xbox has a slight edge with one terabyte of hard drive space compared to the PS5′s 825 gigs. Of course, other storage options are available for more money. Both consoles have similar specs after that.

They both have 16 gigabytes of memory and support 4K and 8K resolution gaming.

While they do support 8K, most people don’t even own that technology right now, as it’s still a bit pricey.

What it really comes down to is, what kind of games do you like to play.

Xbox is synonymous with games like ‘Halo: Infinite’ and racing games like ‘Forza’, and Playstation offers exclusives like ‘Spider-man: Miles Morales’ and the ‘God of War’ series.

But a lot of games can be played on both.

In the age of portable gaming, both also offer cloud gaming.

Xbox just debuted its Xbox Game Pass and Sony’s Playstation Now has been active for some time.

Both offer a huge library of games for a subscription price of $9.99 a month.

Both consoles are also backwards compatible, which gives Series X owners access to Xbox One games, and PS5 owners access to PS4 games.

If you’re $499 for a console is a little too steep for you, both companies are offering a cheaper, digital-only version of their consoles.

The digital edition PS5 will be $399. Microsoft’s ‘Xbox series S’ will be $299.

Both ditch their physical disc drives and lessen hard drive space, and other features, to save on costs.

Both will still be backwards compatible.

If you’re into VR gaming, Sony has confirmed that PS5 will be compatible with the Playstation VR.

Xbox does not currently have console-based virtual reality option.

The Xbox series X comes out November 10.

The Playstation 5 comes out November 12.

If you’re looking for an alternative, Nintendo is still going strong with its Switch and Switch lite console, which offers exclusives including Super Mario Games and Zelda.

You can find one ranging from $299 to $199 depending on the type of console you choose.

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