12 crappie fishing ‘hot spots’ according to Texas Parks and Wildlife officials

Map shows the best spots for crappie fishing in Texas

Crappie (Pixabay)

Any weather is fishing weather in Texas but now that it’s starting to cool off a little bit there’s more reason to head outside.

The Lone Star State is “renowned for world-class bass fishing," according to Texas Parks and Wildlife officials but there are also “excellent opportunities to reel in a sometimes-overlooked species: crappie.”

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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department staff recently compiled a list of 12 places that it considers some of the best hot spots for crappie fishing in the state.

The 12 spots are:

“We are excited to feature these 12 destination lakes for our anglers to check out on their next fishing excursion,” said TPWD Inland Fisheries Regional Director Brian Van Zee.

“These lakes, which are located across the state, stood out as providing consistently strong crappie fishing right now. We hope anglers take advantage of all the excellent fisheries that the state has to offer," Zee said.


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