Trust Index: The biggest claims we fact-checked in 2020

Trust Index sifted through fact and fiction on coronavirus, H-E-B rumors

Here are the biggest claims we looked into in 2020.

SAN ANTONIOThis was a year unlike any other. Find more stories wrapping up 2020 here.

From politician claims to social media rumors that spread like wildfire, KSAT’s Trust Index was there to find the truth behind the allegations.

With misinformation on the rise, the Trust Index team was established to verify claims that could be false or misleading. The goal is to reinforce journalism ethics and give readers and viewers the facts they need.

Here are the biggest claims we checked in 2020:

COVID-19 vaccine: Fact vs. Fiction

With COVID-19 vaccines now being administered to frontline health care workers across the country, there have been questions and misconceptions floating around social media about the vaccine.

To help address the claims, KSAT spoke to Dr. Jason Bowling, University Health System’s Lead Hospital Epidemiologist.

Bowling discussed how the vaccine was made, if it can cause a COVID-19 infection and what it would take to achieve herd immunity.

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