Women empowerment group kicks off monthly meetings on South Side

Group began as a Facebook community during pandemic

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What started out as celebration for International Women’s Day last year before Covid hit, has now become the first women’s group on the Southside of San Antonio.  

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On February 28, 2020, Live from The Southside hosted its first Wonderfully Wise Women entrepreneurial women’s meetup at Coffeecionado, co-hosted by owner of the coffee house, Patricia Butler.

The group originally began on Facebook to connect women in the South San Antonio area for networking and new friendships.

“I started the group for women who didn’t have friends to hang out with or get business advice from. The group was at about 110 and now has 1500 members,” said founder April Monterrosa, CEO & editor in chief of Live from the Southside.

Wonderfully Wise Women (WWW) is a female empowerment group that is about supporting women of all ages, races, sizes, styles, and sexual preference for personal growth and networking for business.

. (Live From the Southside)

WWW had its first event on the evening of March 25, 2021 at Brooster’s Backyard Icehouse on the Southside of San Antonio. Monterrosa and owner of Brooster’s Backyard Icehouse Norman Velez hosted the event providing wine and whiskey tasting and charcuterie boxes. The monthly meet-ups will happen once a month at the icehouse and throughout San Antonio and welcomes women from all parts of town and you don’t have to own a business.

Guest speakers of the evening were Emilie Garcia Herrera, Owner of Folklores Coffee House, Linda Pearson, Founder of the Scooby Van of San Antonio, and Chris Feliciano, Founder of The Dating Doc. Over 30 entrepreneurial women from throughout the San Antonio area attended the event.

The goal of the female empowerment group is to establish solid, sustainable, and community-focused resources that supports women through education and experience, paying forward, and giving back.

“We are businesswomen that want to motivate, inspire, and help other women who want to make their dreams come true and create new friendships. Individually we are strong but, together we are powerful” says Monterrosa.

To join the Wonderfully Wise Women group, search for it on Facebook.

To keep up with the monthly meet-ups, follow Live from the Southside on FacebookInstagram, and/or Twitter.

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