Here’s how to return to the gym after recovering from COVID-19

Now that many of the COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted more people are looking to get their bodies back into shape

If you are motivated to get back to the gym after having COVID-19, there are several things you need to consider, sports medicine doctors with the Cleveland Clinic said.

First you need to know that returning back to sports and exercise can be a slow and sometimes frustrating process. Whether you are just walking down the street, hitting the treadmill, or picking up some weights again, doctors say to start by taking it easy.

Don’t try to power through like you used to do. it’s recommended you follow a gradual progression and build up the time and intensity of your workouts, the Cleveland Clinic said.

Start small, with a slow walk, and then gradually increase if it feels OK. It may take a couple of weeks to work back up to the basic level you were at before the pandemic.

Next, make sure to be patient with your body. Even if you were a marathon runner, you still need to be cautious and don’t push your body too hard, too fast.

Finally keep in mind that getting back into shape is more than just exercising. You also need to get a proper amount of rest, drink plenty water, eat good food and follow advice by healthcare professionals, doctors say.

Some of the easiest exercises are light jogging, using light weights, and possibly even joining a fitness class, if one is available to keep you in a good routine.

Also, since everyone is different, always talk to your own health professional to get the best ways you can get your own body back into shape.

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