These tools can elevate your grill game

Consumer Reports offers grill recommendations, too

SAN ANTONIO – Whether you’re making sweet s’mores or mouth-watering ribs, some new grill gear can help elevate your grill game.

First up, how about making pizza on your backyard grill?

“One thing that trips people up when they’re making pizza on the grill is the bottom crust can burn before the cheese or toppings have set,” said Paul Hope of Consumer Reports.

He suggests the Kettle pizza oven for $225 on Amazon.

“The Kettle pizza oven has a big piece of thick steel that radiates down and helps melt the cheese and set the toppings before the bottom crust can burn.”

If ribs are more your thing, the Traeger rib rack fits eight racks on edge, where normally you’d fit three. It’s $24 at The Home Depot.

To help you remove the ribs, the $29 heat-resistant Jolly Green Barbecue silicone gloves can help.

“They provide excellent grip but also protect your hands from the heat,” Hope said.

Color-coded s’mores sticks can be used around the campfire or on the grill. They extend to keep the kiddoes from getting to close to flames. The Sumpri sticks are $18 on Amazon.

If you want just the basics or need a gift for a beginner, Consumer Reports suggests the $30 tool kit from Cuisinart. It includes a spatula, meat fork, kebab and corn holders in an organized case.

And, if you’re ready for a new grill, Consumer Reports testers say the mid-sized Even Embers gas grill GAS8560AS for $395 is one of the best for your buck. If you prefer charcoal, the 22-inch Weber14402001 continues to top their ratings. It’s $165.

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