‘You ripped her away from me’: Grandmother addresses accused killer of 6-year-old

The family remembered Saryah Perez as a beautiful soul who loved making everyone happy

SAN ANTONIO – The family of a 6-year-old girl who was gunned down during a car club gathering held her final viewing Saturday afternoon.

Saryah Perez died on the night of Mother’s Day after an altercation broke out that led to shots fired.

One of the gunshots killed Saryah.

Family and friends remembered the little girl as an angel on Earth.

“She was a beautiful soul,” said Cynthia Alvarez, Saryah’s grandmother. “She was joyful, adventurous, and loved life in itself. She loved to make people happy.”

Alvarez said the family has decided to cremate Saryah.

“We know she is gorgeous and beautiful,” Alvarez said. “We didn’t want to bury her. We want to keep her with us at all times.”

Her family and loved ones gathered wearing matching pink and purple shirts, symbolizing Saryah’s favorite colors.

“You can’t put it into words,” she said. “To the other grandmothers out there who have been through this before me, you have a lot of strength. I don’t know what my day will be like starting tomorrow. I don’t know how to pick up the pieces or go forward without her. It is something I am going to have to learn with the support of my family, the support of my husband, the rest of my grandchildren, and especially my daughter.”

Alvarez said she wants her granddaughter’s name to never be forgotten.

“When you hear and say her name, we want you to remember her as a beautiful angel with life and who inspired everyone,” Alvarez said. “She encouraged people all the time and wanted everyone to be happy.”

Andrew Ray Elizondo was later arrested for Saryah’s death and is in the Bexar County Jail facing a capital murder charge.

“If it was Saryah, she would forgive you,” she said speaking directly to Elizondo. “You ripped her away from me. You took my baby and angel that would guide everyone. You took the most precious person that we had in our lives and I hope you sit there and you think of what you did to her because I can guarantee you, you won’t do it to the next child out there!”

The family said they are now in the process of starting a foundation in honor of Saryah with a mission to protect children from gun violence.

“We know it is a process but we are going to start this in her honor so the next child don’t have to go through what my baby girl went through and we believe she is now our guardian angel who will help us see this through.”

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