Man confesses to murder of woman reported missing in Bexar County earlier this month, investigators say

Andres Perez Tarnava, 36, arrested in the case

SAN ANTONIO – Investigators say they got a confession to a murder after finding several witnesses in what began as a missing person’s case.

Andres Perez Tarnava III, 36, admitted to killing Marisol Klingelhofer, who was first reported missing in Bexar County early this month, according to an arrest warrant.

Documents say Tarnava accused Klingelhofer of stealing items that belonged to his father, who passed away.

Investigators say Tarnava received a phone call notifying him of the location of the victim.

An arrest warrant says Klingelhoffer was then shot, dismembered, and burned before her remains were hidden away in barrels.

Tarnava has a criminal background and is described as a documented gang member.

KSAT will update this story as more details becomes available.

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