73-year-old man dies after he’s swarmed by bees, stung hundreds of times in South Bexar County

The man was found unresponsive when deputies arrived at the scene

BEXAR COUNTY – A 73-year-old man is dead after sheriff’s deputies said he was stung hundreds of times by a swarm of bees in South Bexar County.

The incident happened around 10:36 a.m. on Monday in the 17000 block of State Highway 16 South.

Deputies said the man was found unresponsive when they responded to the scene.

A neighbor, Maria Sanchez, said she tried to help the man after he was stung.

Sanchez said she heard the man’s lawnmower turn on and then turn off and knew something was wrong. When she went to check on him, she said he was fighting for his life.

“He was covered, covered in those animals (bees),” said Sanchez.

Sanchez tried pouring rubbing alcohol on the man, and then she dialed 911. She said she was not injured in the incident.

First responders wore protective suits to protect themselves against the bees when they arrived and were eventually able to step in and continue performing lifesaving measures on the man.

Deputies said the man was taken to Southwest General Hospital in critical condition, but he later died from his injuries.

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