Day three of freezing temperatures presents greater threat for area produce farmers

Cody Scott says he’s better prepared for the freeze this time around

ST. HEDWIG, Texas – Cody Scott thought he was going to lose his farm after last year’s winter storm wiped out his entire crop. But the community came to the rescue of Green Bexar Farms after hearing his story on KSAT and he’s back at it fighting against Mother Nature once again.

This time, he said he’s better prepared.

“We have better heating systems. We have generators, double wall poly on our greenhouses for better insulation. We’re just all-around better, a more sustainable farm this year,” he said.

But he’s still losing sleep tonight, as his biggest fear is the loss of power. Scott will set an alarm to go off multiple times overnight.

“I don’t get a lot of sleep when it’s below freezing, but it’s worth it to make sure everything’s OK,” he said.

He feels he’s done all he can to protect his crops during this freeze.

“The first night kind of sucker punches [vegetables], and then it’s the next night that can kill your plant. So tonight’s the most important night,” he explains.

Green Bexar Farm is supported through Community Supported Agriculture, or a farm box where members get weekly fresh produce with a three-month membership.

He feeds about 50 families with what he grows in one acre of land, which he estimates produces about 10 acres of seasonal produce.

“There’s a lot of labor of love that goes into what we’re growing, but we do it so that we can get the freshest, healthiest option for people to have,” he said.

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