Where to find the least expensive gas in San Antonio and how to get the best gas mileage

With gas prices at an all-time record high, you can compare gas prices by map or list

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SAN ANTONIO – With gas prices at an all-time record high in combination with the highest inflation in 40 years, people are looking for ways to stretch their dollars.

And while drivers probably won’t be able to find cheap gas right now, there are ways to shop around for the best prices available.

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Gas buddy has a list of gas stations with the 10 lowest prices per gallon. Some of the locations show prices that are about 25 cents below the current city average.

You can also look at a map of gas prices across the city.

The data supplied by Gas Buddy is crowdsourced, meaning it is supplied by users, so its accuracy may not be guaranteed up to the minute, especially with gas prices changing so frequently.

KSAT Consumer Reporter Marilyn Moritz recently talked with some car experts to find out how drivers can stretch their gallon and dollar.

Here’s what she found out:

  • Proper maintenance such as clean air filters and regular oil changes can optimize fuel economy.
  • Get out the tire gauge. Tires that do not have enough air pressure create drag and waste fuel.
  • Use a gas app such as GasBuddy, Waze, GasGuru or AAA to help you locate the lowest prices near you. Some stations offer cash discounts or loyalty programs.
  • Automotive experts say unless your car requires premium-grade fuel, go for the regular.
  • How you drive matters. High speeds, sudden braking and jack-rabbit starts are gas-guzzling habits.

You can also consider cashback apps like GetUpside or Receipt Hog that will pay you cash back on purchases including gas.

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