Visiting national parks creates special bond for San Antonio family

Castillo family aims to visit all 63 US National Parks

SAN ANTONIO – The Castillo family started visiting national parks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It really took the stress that we were feeling at home,” said Valerie Castillo, a San Antonio resident.

The family, including 1-year-old Journey, has already visited 38 national parks.

Valerie Castillo said her daughter lights up every time she visits a new park.

The family’s goal is to visit all 63 US national parks.

“I think it brought us closer together. With how fast life is, with work, kids and everything else going on, it’s hard to bond as a family,” said Eric Castillo, Valerie’s husband. “I feel like when we are on remote locations, at national parks, with no cell phone service, no WIFI, and you are there in nature.”

The family says they are staying active and learning along the way.

The Castillos are saving and planning for their next trip.

They share the following advice for others thinking of taking a similar journey.

“Do some research. Check out blogs. Watch YouTube videos and don’t be afraid. Just get out there and go,” Valerie Castillo said.

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