Photos: Animals at San Antonio Zoo keep cool in record-breaking heat

Zoo animals chill out in the Texas heat with activities and ice treats

Animal sitting in bath of water. (SA Zoo)

SAN ANTONIO – As the heat breaks records this summer, caretakers at the San Antonio Zoo are working to keep the animals cool.

Zoo keepers prepared ice treats and water activities for animals feeling the heat.

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Photos shared by the zoo show a variety of animals swimming and enjoying a nice water stream.

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Zoo keeper spraying hose towards Hippo. (SA Zoo)
Cassowary walking in mist from water sprinklers. (SA Zoo)
Black Bear sitting in pool of water. (SA Zoo)
Jaguar playing with a ball in a pool of water. (SA Zoo)

Did someone say popsicles? Animals at the Zoo also kept cool with frozen ice in a variety of shapes and flavors.

Lion licks "bloodsicle" in the grass. (SA Zoo)
Animal stands next to frozen ice treat. (SA Zoo)
Fishing Cat licks popsicle on a deck. (SA Zoo)
Two Kangaroo Joeys eat ice from a bowl. (SA Zoo)

Lastly, just as some treat themselves to a mud bath, rhinos stayed cool at the Zoo by creating a mud coat.

Rhinos often are seen rolling around in the mud to create the protective “mud coat” not only to stay cool but to stop insects from biting them, according to the World Wide Fund for Nature.

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Rhino rolls in the mud. (SA Zoo)
Rhino lays in muddy water at San Antonio Zoo. (SA Zoo)

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