Video shows stretch of Guadalupe River known as $5 Spot completely dry in some areas

Extreme drought is causing some San Antonio area swimming spots to disappear

SPRING BRANCH, Texas – Water flow has been an issue with Texas rivers this summer amid record drought and stretches of 100-degree days but the problem is getting worse.

And now, parts of the Guadalupe River have gone from zero flow to zero water.

Earlier this month, KSAT meteorologist Justin Horne noted that the Guadalupe River in Spring Branch was measuring zero flow in several areas but a video posted to Facebook over the weekend shows conditions have only gotten worse.

Stephan Overton shared a video of a popular recreation area known as the “$5 spot,” and the usually beautiful river water wasn’t just at zero flow it wasn’t there at all.

“Well, so much for the five-dollar spot,” Overton says in the video. “We were just out here like two weeks ago too — it was not like this.”

KSAT called Guadalupe Canoe Livery, a river outfitter off Highway 281 in Spring Branch, and an employee who answered the phone confirmed there is no water downriver but there is still water upriver.

“We are still offering tubing, kayaking and canoeing,” the employee said.

Another river taking a hit due to the extreme dog days of summer is the Frio. Extreme drought conditions have brought the normally-shallow river down to a puddle in some areas.

Frio River in Concan. Photo taken in June, 2022. (Pilar Newberry)

So when can the San Antonio area expect to get a break from this heat and dry weather?

Horne’s forecast for Wednesday says “there is a very small chance for rain and it’s possible that several spots could stay just below 100 this afternoon. Small victories!”

The 10-day forecast has highs of 100 degrees or more for the foreseeable future.

“Temperatures in San Antonio should top out right at 100 through the weekend. Next week also plays out in the same way, with highs near 100 and a very small chance for rain,” Horne said.


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