First day school jitters maybe more than butterflies, expert says

Local parents share what their children have experienced

SAN ANTONIO – Dalia Martinez is worried about her 4-year old son’s behavior as he gets started in school.

Martinez said it’s an adjustment for everyone.

“My youngest has anxiety with a lot of kids, and the teacher will tell me he didn’t behave, so I just talk to him,” she said.

Martinez hopes she can figure out a way to help her son cope.

Angelique Snyder, a pediatric psychologist at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio, says childhood anxiety can start as early as 6-years old.

“Anxious cognition tends to be about the future, and they are predicting negative outcomes, and there also tend to be a lot of ‘what if’ questions,” Snyder said.

Showing signs of clinginess, or seeking reassurance maybe some signs for younger kids. For older kids, the surroundings like school safety, COVID-19 and other normal stressors may lead to feelings of anxiety.

Parents can offer assurance, but if it’s too much for a guardian they should turn to a professional who can help the entire family learn to cope with anxiety.

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