Families leading the charge for permanent Robb Elementary memorial in Uvalde

The timeline isn’t set on when the memorial will be completed

UVALDE, Texas – Crosses, flowers, and teddy bears are all planted in Uvalde’s downtown plaza memorializing the lives taken at Robb Elementary on May 24. Now there’s work being done on a permanent memorial.

The Uvalde City Council made things abundantly clear -- the victims’ families are making the calls on what they want the permanent Robb memorial to be.

“They really worked with us for the first time with this. It’s a really good feeling, and they seem to be coming together and backing us more and more as we go,” said Nikki Cross, Uziyah Garcia’s guardian.

“A permanent spot for our kids that we can celebrate Christmas, holidays with them because we’re not going to be able to do it now they’re not here with us,” said Evadulia Orta, Rojelio Torres’ mother.

Uziyah and Rojelio were two of the 19 student victims in the shooting. Two teachers’ lives were also taken that day.

While plans for the permanent Robb memorial in the city’s downtown plaza haven’t been made public yet, the victims’ families are all working together to create something beautiful and lasting.

“They had a vision, and it’s just amazing, as my brother stated. When you see it in action, you’re going to appreciate the beauty of the families,” said Jesse Rizo, Jackie Cazares’ uncle.

The city council said they’re here to support the families however needed.

“And I think we’re going to have something really nice, what you guys want. That’s what it’s all about,” Uvalde Councilman Chip King said.

Also approved on Tuesday night was a partnership with SaferWatch, a mobile-based security system for the city to have any suspicious activity reported directly to officials anonymously.

“People are able to contribute information directly to city officials or to the police department. Then, the police department is actually able to send out real-time alerts and notify people as to what’s happening in the area,” said Geno Roefaro, SaferWatch CEO.

That partnership with SaferWatch will last five years for only a dollar a year.

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