Remember Their Names Festival brings out huge support in Uvalde

Families hope to make this an annual festival honoring the 21 lives lost at Robb Elementary.

UVALDE – Uvalde is remembering the 21 victims killed at Robb Elementary.

This time in a way that will not only provide happiness to the community but to give back, too.

”It’s amazing, I mean it’s nice to look around and see everybody coming out and supporting,” Brett Cross, Uziyah Garcia’s guardian said as he dried off from the dunk tank.

The community showing up in a big way for the Remember Their Names Festival to honor the lives of the Robb Elementary victims and raise money for scholarships for high school seniors at Uvalde CISD.

Cross says he hopes this will provide a future for those seniors.

“You know, nothing I do can bring Uziyah back, but I can fight for other kids, and that’s what we’re gonna do,” Cross said.

There will be 22 scholarships, each named after the 21 victims who died and one for the surviving students.

Britt Davis and CB Barboza competed in the BBQ competition honoring teacher Irma Garcia and her husband Joe, who passed shortly after the massacre.

“It was an honor to cook it; it really was for what it stands for. For the family,” Davis said.

”I think that’s the, one of the least things that we can do to to try to help all the families that are grieving over the, over what happened,” Barboza said.

Irma and Joe’s son Christian Garcia said there isn’t a better way to remember his dad, especially with BBQ.

“He would have critiqued everything; he would have been so happy to be part of like all the categories,” Garcia said.

Irma’s siblings, Velma and Marcus, are feeling a mix of emotions as they help raise money for scholarships in their sister’s name.

”The outcome that we have it’s a blessing. You can feel the love, and hopefully, the healing process will begin, and we’ll just continue this year in [remembrance] of their names,” Marcus Lozano, Irma’s brother said.

“It being for scholarships, it’s just a beautiful way to honor Joe and Irma, they would love it,” Velma Lisa Duran, Irma’s sister said.

High school seniors will be writing letters to apply for the scholarships over the next few weeks for families to select the recipient of their loved ones’ scholarship.

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