Puppy stolen from South Side home leaves family desperate for answers

Neighbors told the family they saw a woman in a maroon Chevy suburban take the pup, Summer

SAN ANTONIO – A southside family is asking for help finding their 8-week-old husky named Summer.

Thursday morning was the last time the family saw their dog. Neighbors told them someone came and grabbed Summer and took off that day.

“They saw somebody come pick her up through the fence. Now I’m realizing that people are real jerks,” said Adelina Revilla, the oldest daughter of the family

Adelina explained neighbor’s doorbell video showed a maroon Chevy suburban park across the street. Neighbors told Adelina that’s when they saw a woman jump out and grab Summer before taking off.

Adelina adds no one in the area they have spoken to recognizes the suburban.

“It’s upsetting man. It’s upsetting that somebody can come in here and take a dog out of your yard,” said Jesus Revilla, the father of the family

Jesus said they’ve only had the dog for about a month, but she’s already part of the family.

Adelina got emotional as she looked at a picture of Summer and her baby brother playing.

“That was going to be my brother’s dog, and it’s just very upsetting. You know, I thought he was going to grow up with this dog,” said Adelina

Adelina and her younger sister Elena say Summer is part of their daily lives. A part they look forward to.

“I take her to target. I take her to get Starbucks, we get little pup cups,” said Adelina.

Elena added, “A lot of times she’s there, and we run, we play, we play fetch, and the fact that she’s probably not going to be there anymore.”

The family said they have filed a report with San Antonio Police and that investigators have taken the security video. When we reached out to SAPD, they told us there were no updates.

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