San Antonio archbishop unveils art project to honor gun violence victims

After Uvalde, archbishop determined to work closely with victims

SAN ANTONIO – Art and religion are not often combined for comfort, but San Antonio Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller said it’s the best way to help victims of gun violence.

Garcia-Siller sat down with KSAT to discuss a sculpture made of glass that’s aimed at relating to victims of gun violence.

San Antonio artist Gini Garcia created the sculpture at the archbishop’s request.

“He was looking for a teaching tool, something that he could easily take out, put on a desk or put in front of a church and speak [about] suffering and love,” said Gini Garcia.

“It’s absorbing all the wounds, and then there are three hearts,” said Garcia-Siller, referring to the artwork.

The archbishop said many people are in pain from losing loved ones to gun violence this year, and they need hope.

Garcia-Siller said the sculpture also represents transformation. He hopes to bring it with him when he meets with victims.

“Dialogue brings so much richness. We can listen not only with our ears. Sometimes we listen with our eyes. We were made for communication, for building -- building something more than ourselves as individuals.”

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